A “How to Oil Paint Review” of “A Real Art Lesson” by artist Delmus Phelps

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Hi, and welcome to this my first review site!

I have always intended to take up painting as a hobby but never seemed to get round to it and ‘WOW’ how time flies eh?. Well finally, last year I started and how I love it! If you want to see where I’ve got to take a look at my site at www.chrischilds.net.

Anyway as a beginner I’ve decided that rather than waste any more time (and materials) I need some tips from those that know. As an amateur I would have liked reviews of various online courses from others in my position who have actually tried and tested them rather than rely on the sales pitch of the professionals but they are hard to find so I have created this site to share my experiences of “A Real Art Lesson” by Delmus Phelps.

If you have used this ebook course I would welcome your views too.

I expect to try other art courses for which I will also create reviews.

Who am I?

Chris Childs
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